Our 25th Anniversary Concert

was held on 17th April 2004 at

Sherborne Abbey

For our 25th Anniversary Recital we went to town on the programme, rehearsals and equipment. Programme items were selected on a “best of/favourites” basis, and a photo-call was organised to get a good group photo for the booklet cover. It was very hard to think back and pick pieces from the huge selection of past performances. To tidy up the stage area we commissioned a set of recorder stands from Mark Venn, so everyone had a neat stand holding all the instruments required for the performance with quick/easy access. Those travelling from further a field booked to stay at the Antelope Hotel with friends/supporters, and a prior-recital meal was arranged there.

The morning rehearsal was carried out amongst the usual tourists, and the first sight of the huge building and l-o-n-g walk up the Abbey caused some initial nerves. We soon broke the ice, got into stride (literally!), and the rehearsal went very well. 2 hours rehearsing passed quickly before time for a short rest, then we gathered at the Antelope for a buffet meal. It was lovely to have Juliet Clifford there, one of the original consort players. Our hard work at publicising the recital paid off, and the main Abbey seating area was 2/3rds full, with additional seating occupied both sides of the stage. The clock struck the half hour; a drum roll and we were off!

Concert Programme
  Triumphmarsch from “Te Deum” - Marc-Antoine Charpentier

  Canzon - William Brade
  The Bells (of Osney) - William Byrd arr. Jane Minns
  O Lord, How Vain (are all our frail delights) - William Byrd
  Under the Linden Tree - Anon arr. Jacob van Eyck

  Morris Dance from “Gloriana” - Benjamin Britten
  Beachcomber - CLive Richardson arr. Stanley Taylor
  Simple Gifts (from Appalachian Spring) - Aaron Copland arr. Jane Minns
  Ballad and Riffs - Andrew Challinger

  The Songe called Trumpetts - Robert Parsons
  Strike it, Tabor - Thomas Morley
  Canzon Septimi Toni - Giovanni Gabrieli
  Joseph, lieber Joseph mein - Hieronymus Praetorius

Interval 20 minutes
Music from the film Henry V - William Walton arr. Jane Minns

  Two Ductias - Anon arr. Jane Minns
  Hola he! Par la Vertu Goy - Anon
  Gloria ad Modum Tubae - Guillaume Dufay
  So Treiben Wir Den Winter Aus - Anon Soloist: Tim Frain
  Two Estampies - Anon arr. Jane Minns
  Au Tems Pascor - Jehans Erars arr. Jane Minns
  Pastime with Good Company - Henry VIII

Light Music
  Sunny Side of the Street - Fields & McHugh arr. Linda Barlow
  The Hippopotamus Song - Flanders & Swann arr. Jane Minns
  HMS Pinafore - Arthur Sullivan arr. Chris May
  Not the 1812! - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky arr. Jane Minns

  A Touch of Vulgarity!