Members and Performers

Jane Minns - Musical Director

Jane's interest in music making began at a tender age when she mimicked playing instruments to music on the family's first black and white television. Recorder lessons taken at primary school were quickly followed by Violin, Flute and Piano, and an unusual grounding in composition from David Soby, a jazz pianist formerly of Kenny Ball's jazz band. Jane studied Flute at Trinity College, and went on to develop her interest in Medieval and Early Music touring and performing in the Medieval Society Wind Band. Approached by South Hill Park in 1979 to give Recorder and Flute lessons, she established the original Recorder Consort which has gone from strength to strength.

Jane publishes her compositions & arrangements with Schott Music and Recorder Music Mail.

Recorders, Rebec, Vielle, Gemshorns, Crumhorns, Flute, Harp, Keyboard, Percussion, Leicestershire Smallpipes.

Linda Barlow

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I don’t remember ever not playing the recorder but the inevitable happened at school and leaving the recorder behind I progressed to the trumpet, enjoying playing in the county schools orchestra, the local brass band, and later a small jazz band. Living in Chichester I also had the opportunity to play and sing in the beautiful cathedral there. I lost touch with performing when I left school but the recorder was always there, and I continued to play it regularly, but on my own, so when I saw the BRC perform I thought how I would really like to join a group of musicians again. I decided to give it a go and as I only played the descant I had a lot to learn. Now I find myself playing many other instruments as well, including crumhorns; percussion; cornettino; harp; ocarinas; voice and also even arranging a few pieces for the group to play.

Tim Frain

I have been playing Recorder since I went to University, but then I had a bit of a gap when I staretd work, and took it up again in the late 80's when I joined the Recorder group at South Hill Park (the pre-cursor of BRC).

I enjoy playing in the BRC because group playing is so rewarding, and we play such a wide variety of music and styles. There is always something to suit all tastes.

Recorders, Glockenspiel, Voice (bass)

Fiona Greer

Heather Greer

Lesley Hammond

Not unusually I began playing the recorder at Primary School. Unfortunately, back in the dark ages, the recorder was not considered sufficiently ‘serious’ to study it at secondary school, so playing was limited to ‘Sheep May Safely….’ with my sister in the back bedroom. I still have that copy – only 50+yrs old! It was not until my three children were at Primary School and one of them volunteered me as a teacher that I began to develop my own playing. I was a founder member of The Kidmore End Recorder Ensemble, and although some were complete beginners, we would eventually enjoy a wide repertoire before it disbanded as members moved away. I studied the recorder with Susannah Westmeath, and Christopher Ball in London. It was after retiring that I began to look for an ensemble and joined BRC in 2013. The standard of playing is high, and the repertoire often challenging, but above all very enjoyable.


Anne Helmore

Recorders, Rebec, Crumhorns, Glockenspiel

Lizzie Hewitt

Lizzie has been playing the recorder since 1987, and particularly enjoys playing with the BRC as she says there is nothing more fun than playing great music with friends.

Lindsay Robinson

Recorders, Crumhorns

Annabel Valentine